Hamda du draa

Hamada du Draa
Le Désert sous toutes ses formes

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Visit Mhamid in Morocco

M'Hamid is the last village before the great expanses of pebbles and sand in the Sahara. The road to get there is beautiful Zagora and its famous sign "Timbuktu, 52 days of camel", the mountain of Zagora, which offers a beautiful view over the valley of the Draa Tinfou dunes along the Draa river and its palms, widespread of kasbahs and ksours ...
After a slow progress on the winding roads of the Jebel Bani, you're really in the desert!
The small village of M'Hamid, with its low adobe houses, seems to be out of the sand. At the entrance of the village on the right is the little square where stands the souk on Monday mornings and further, the center of town with its souvenir shops and cafe in the village.
Spend a few hours and you will know everything about local life!